What if Marvis Frazier had Fought George Foreman?

     Marvis Frazier’s professional career lasted from 1980 until 1988 and included 21 fights.  Of those 21 fights, several were against big name boxers, including of course, Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson, but also James Tillis, Joe Bugner, and “Bonecrusher” Smith.  During the 1980’s there were so many good fighters battling to get to the top of the Heavyweight division.  I can’t help wondering how Marvis Frazier would have fared against some of them and why these match-ups never took place.

Two that immediately come to mind because of similarities in size and style with Marvis are: Michael Spinks and Evander Holyfield.  Both were champions at other weight classes and then moved up to become heavyweight champs.  Spinks beat Holmes but then like Marvis, was devastated by Tyson.  Holyfield had Tyson’s number, beating him twice.  How would Marvis Frazier have done against these two champions?  I think they would have been great fights!

A few other fighters who won titles in the 80’s seem like natural match-ups for Marvis but no such match-ups ever occurred.  Tim Witherspoon and Tony Tubbs both held the title at one time or another during the 1980’s and Marvis had beaten both in the amateur ranks.  Why weren’t professional bouts ever arranged?  Pinklon Thomas, who won the WBC heavyweight title in 1984 was a bit older than Marvis and they never met in the amateur ranks, but they sparred at Joe Frazier’s gym frequently.  Wouldn’t a title match between those two “buddies” have been a super fight?

Finally, since George Foreman, the only fighter, other than Ali to beat Marvis’ Dad, Smokin’ Joe (twice), started his amazing comeback in 1987, while Marvis was still fighting, what if Marvis Frazier had fought George Foreman?  Since George was older and slower would Marvis have been able to revenge his Dad’s two losses to the big guy?  Come to think of it, Larry Holmes retired in early 1988 after losing to Mike Tyson.  Maybe he could have been lured out of retirement again by a not so young or inexperienced Marvis Frazier anxious to erase an important loss early in his career.  Now that would have been an interesting fight!

Tell me what you think?     Jamie

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One Response to What if Marvis Frazier had Fought George Foreman?

  1. Bill says:

    George would have ended his career. He would have beat Frazier and out of utter shame, Frazier would find an excuse to quit the sport. Foreman may have been older but he was still fighting formidable foes until his end. He may have indeed gotten slower but he truly became a smarter fighter because he had to in order to continue to perform at that level against the men he competed with. Combine his wisdom inside the ring from fighting many of boxing’s greatest including being one of them and his brain numbing punches he would put Frazier on his behind. Besides he would use Frazier’s mental hurdles against him.

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