The Second Post in our Blog for the Marvis Frazier Website

Hello and welcome again to the Meet Marvis Frazier website.  Since our first post in October, we have added a few features to the site.  Marvis (with the help of some “friends”) now has an audio message welcoming you to the site.  In addition, we’ve included an interview of Marvis Frazier and Jamie by Steve Dillon on his show Art A La Carte, and a reading of the first chapter of the book performed by Marvis and Jamie (later we hope to add a separate page to the site called “Is it a book yet?” pertaining specifically to the book and the procedure necessary to bring it to completion).  We invite you to check out these new features and if you enjoy the fight clips of Marvis in battle, try the compilation clip called Forgotten Warriors #7.  Thanks again for visiting us here at Meet Marvis Frazier, stop in frequently, leave us a comment, and tell others about our site.     Sincerely,    Jamie and Marvis
PS.  Oops, if less than seven fight clips show up for you on our Home Page, try refreshing the page!


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