My Plan to Best Marvis Frazier (Think Bo Jackson)

Often, when I talk to Marvis Frazier, I’ll kid around with him about how I’ve been working out lately and I’m finally ready to take him on, or I’ve been watching a lot of his fight tapes and I know his moves enough now to take him on, etc., etc.  Of course Marvis just chuckles and doesn’t even respond.  Once I sent him a picture of me “boxing” my brother when I was about ten (just to scare him).  That got a response.  Marvis called and left a message for me.  I knew it was Marvis because I know his laugh!

Anyway, I’m guessing that Marvis isn’t worried about us ever being matched up in the ring.  Maybe I should try a different sport.  Well, I used to play baseball; how about we square off on the diamond.  Then again Marvis was an excellent catcher in his baseball playing days.  Hmmm?  I played football too – a well under 200lb. offensive guard.  Aaahhh, Marvis was a star running back on his football team.  How about wrestling?  I was a pretty good wrestler in school.  What?  Marvis was the wrestling champion in his school’s region?!

By now you probably get the picture.  I was an athlete, I played several different sports over the years.  Marvis, on the other hand, was a star in every sport he played.  He was kind of a Bo Jackson type.  You know, great at every sport he ever tried…. almost.

So, here’s my plan.  Next winter (just about the time the book is done), when the ice is ready around here, I’m going to invite Marvis up for a little skating session; maybe we’ll even play a bit of ice hockey.  You see, as Wayne Gretzky once made clear to Bo Jackson in a TV commercial, no matter how great an athlete you are (Bo Jackson or Marvis Frazier), if you can’t ice skate then you are going to suck at ice hockey.  Marvis can’t ice skate but I used to play ice hockey, so I know I’m going to get the best of him all over that ice.

Heck, if I can get his jersey up over his head while he’s floundering around out there on the ice, I might even out-box Marvis Frazier that day too!


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  1. Beth says:

    Sounds like fun! : )

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