“Meet Marvis Frazier” Endorsed by Santa Claus (?)

WARNING: The following is a shameless attempt by two authors to sell more copies of their most recent book. Then again, it’s a great book, so why not?
HERE’S A CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR YOU FROM MARVIS FRAZIER (and a way for you to give one to him)! EVERYONE who meets Marvis Frazier, LIKES Marvis Frazier, but the Son of Smokin’ Joe can’t be everywhere at once (we’re trying, believe me, we’re trying). That is the great thing about his new book “MEET MARVIS FRAZIER”, it lets fans the world over “meet” and get to know this wonderful man even if they can’t meet him in person (at this time).
If you are a fan or friend of Marvis Frazier or his father, Smokin’ Joe, you will love this book! If you have a friend or family member who is a sports fan, this book will make a great gift!
So here is the present from Marvis — we have decided to run a sale on Amazon. From now until New Years, you can get our book for only $20 – plus shipping (save five bucks!). Here is the link to that sale: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0989092429/ref=sr_1_1_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1386812697&sr=8-1&keywords=meet+marvis+frazier&condition=new
Better yet, get rid of the middleman altogether. Order “MEET MARVIS FRAZIER” directly from our publisher and pay only $20, shipping included** (save about ten bucks!). To do that, call Gopher Graphics at: 607 643 7212 or e-mail them at: gophergraphics@hotmail.com and leave a call back number. Gopher Graphics staff will get right back to you to take your credit (or debit) card order by phone.
Marvis and I feel badly about the blatant commercial nature of this post, so we offer the attached picture of the real Santa Claus to lighten up the mood. Thanks, Jamie
Oh, the way for you to give a present to Marvis is to buy one of his books … or two … or three … or …

** Domestic orders only

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