Marvis Takes a Turn (or Two) as Teacher and Trainer

“Why do we sacrifice?”     “Because when you give something up something will come back!”  (the 6th item of the “Creed of Joe Frazier’s Gym”, posted in the gym by Marvis Frazier)

Like many athletes who excel at a particular sport, Marvis Frazier turned out to be an excellent teacher and trainer in that sport.  Benefiting from having been taught by great trainers himself and immersed in the sport throughout his life, Marvis also has a magnetic personality and loves working with people.  These factors, combined with great opportunities made Marvis a natural as a boxing teacher and trainer.

Even before his own retirement, Marvis was already helping his Dad at the gym.  Joe had a stable of young fighters he was trying to make champions and Marvis pitched right in to help.  Having been in “the show” himself was more than enough to qualify him to contribute and advice, but Marvis also had a friendly way to instill confidence in the fighters he worked with.  Marvis was like a big brother to the fighters, one they trusted and admired.  After retirement Marvis put even more time and energy into the gym, including more training.  He added lessons for life to the typical training, trying to turn out better boxers and better people.  Along with the “Creed of Joe Frazier’s Gym”, Marvis incorporated “Ten Power Punches For Life” and “Rules For Respect” as important parts of participating at his Dad’s gym.

As for training and teaching boxing outside of his Dad’s gym, Marvis got a taste of that too.  During the 1990’s Marvis was invited by his friend and former trainer, Sam Hickman to work with the United States Olympic boxers.  In this capacity, Marvis was available for the fighters at the Olympic center and traveled with the team for tournaments throughout the world prior to the Olympic Games themselves.  One of the highlights of his work with the team was a tournament in Italy where the US boxers did very well and everyone got lots of free spaghetti and meatballs!

About a decade later, Marvis had another stint as a trainer outside of his Dad’s gym when he worked with his own sister, Jacqui Frazier-Lyde.  Jacqui was only two years younger than Marvis but in 2000, at the age of 38, she decided to take a shot at women’s professional boxing.  Luckily for her she had a world champion father, a very talented brother, and the fighting spirit of both.  For the first two years of her three year career, Marvis taught Jacqui every thing he knew, helping her to a 13 and 1 career record and two light heavyweight titles.  I’m sure the brother and sister team had lots of fun working together those two years, but I can’t help wondering if Jacqui ever got the opportunity to get Marvis back for the time he punched her in the stomach when they were kids!

As a teacher and trainer, Marvis Frazier proved himself to be a natural throughout the years, resulting in a high rate of success for “Power Punch 4” of the “Ten Power Punches For Life”  that Marvis posted in his “Dad’s gym:   Faithfulness Between Teacher & Student!

Until next time,     Jamie

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