Marvis Frazier, Mike Tyson, Veganism, and Me

Marvis and I just finished a chapter in our book about his experience fighting Mike Tyson in 1986.  Of course to complete such a chapter I had to do a lot of research on “Iron Mike”.  During that research I discovered that Mike Tyson is now a vegan and has been for a couple of years.  A vegan is a person who abstains from the use of animal products, especially in their diet.  I was surprised that Tyson practices veganism because the bravado he displayed during his fighting days conjured up the image of him running down animals in the woods, killing them with his bare hands, ripping the meat off their bones, and eating it raw!  Yet in the interviews I watched of Mike on Youtube talking about his new diet, he mentioned the weight he has lost (150+ lbs.!), the disappearance of his joint pain, and his overall better health since he became a vegan.  Mike also said that because of this sort of success, he was a vegan for life – there was no way he would ever give up veganism.

Ironically, I recently became a vegan myself.  Of course if Mike Tyson had threatened me with “become a vegan or else…”  I wouldn’t have challenged him with “or else, what?” – but my path to veganism was one of much less pressure than that.  My wife Janet and I have been vegetarians since college days (a LONG time ago), but it was our wonderful son Jack who convinced us (and our daughter, Sadie) to throw out the dairy and eggs and get ALL the benefits of a plant based diet and some philosophical consistency too.  That was about ten months ago and I have to agree with “Iron Mike” (who would dare to disagree with him?), we have never felt better!  I would have to say that like Mike Tyson, we, too, are vegans for life.

Now, as for Marvis.  I broached the subject with him a few weeks ago and told him about Mike.  He was less than enthusiastic but mentioned how much he likes fruits and vegetables.  I guess that’s a start.  I’d like to urge him a bit more, but I’m not about to try any strong arm tactics with a former heavyweight title contender like Marvis Frazier.  However, my son Jack is 6′ 4″ and was a killer defenseman in his High School Ice Hockey playing days…

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8 Responses to Marvis Frazier, Mike Tyson, Veganism, and Me

  1. Hi
    I would like some help please, I am having a tattoo,of smoking Joe and Ali.
    The picture were Joe is looking out of the window, of his training camp and
    Ali is looking through, the window i would like the tattoo, in colour does marvis
    know what colour, robe and towel, his dad would be wearing.
    And all my thoughts, are with marvis at this sad time.

    Kind Regards
    Ryan Fletcher. U.K.

    • jamie says:

      Hi Ryan. Thanks for your question/comment. I will respond to you through our contact page which puts it into an e-mail format. Thanks, Jamie

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