Let Us be Forward about the Foreword

Every good book needs a great foreword.  The title and front cover may get the potential reader to pick up a book and even open it up to see more, but the foreword (or preface) is the first textual material that is likely to be read and often helps to determine if the potential reader reads on — or even buys the book!  With that in mind Marvis and I have thought long and hard about who we would like to write the foreword for our book about Marvis’s life.  Naturally, we realized the marketing advantages of having a famous celebrity do the honors and for that reason we communicated with some of the biggest names in the boxing profession.  But Marvis and I also wanted a unity of message in the book from cover to cover so we kept an eye out for someone who not only knew Marvis Frazier, but understood him as well.

Of course, because the clock was running down and the publication date was getting closer, the pressure was on to pick someone from our list of candidates and close the deal.  Then, like with so many other aspects of this book project, fate intervened and the problem of who to write the foreword nearly solved itself.

It all started when Marvis was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio in October of this year.  I was able to listen to the interview live but missed the first few minutes trying to get the connection right.  It was an excellent interview that lasted nearly an hour.  A few days later I was listening to a replay and was able to hear the show in its entirety, including the introduction of Marvis by the talk show host.  Wow, I thought, this guy really “gets it” about Marvis Frazier!

And that was when it dawned on me.  I immediately called Marvis to get his opinion.  “Marvis”  I said as I cued up a recording for him over the telephone,  “listen to the introduction of you from the radio interview you did the other day — I think we have found the person to write the foreword for the book.”

Fortunately for me, Marvis agreed; and fortunately for us both, radio personality and YouTube video maker sensation, Reggie Bullock, the man who interviewed Marvis that night and introduced him as though he had known him for life, agreed to write the foreword for our book.  Along with being a radio personality, Reggie is an educator, public speaker, and filmmaker.  His videos have been viewed by millions on YouTube.

Reggie is bright, articulate, funny, and he loves Marvis!  Like I said before, this guy “gets it” about Marvis Frazier and with Reggie Bullock writing the foreword, we are more likely to “get it” right in the book about Marvis Frazier’s life.

It’ll be a book soon!     Jamie

PS.  Another piece of the project puzzle put in place by providence.  (Hemingway probably would have hated that sentence)

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