It’s a Book! or, Now you can really Meet Marvis Frazier

When I placed a call to an old school mate recently, he must have been using caller ID at his end because before I could even get off a “Hello, George?” he hit me with a “Is it a book yet?” You see, George, who helped Marvis and me with medical information for the book, knew it was getting close to completion and was hoping that the reason for my call was to let him know that the book was done.  Right again, George!  It’s a book!  Finally, after nearly four years in the making, Meet Marvis Frazier is a book!  Marvis and I are so pleased and so was my friend George.  Actually, I think you will be too.

Now, if you open up to the home page of this website, you can take a look at the front cover.  You will also be directed to a method of purchasing the book using Pay Pal.  Pay Pal is a good system for ordering online: efficient, secure, convenient, etc. and it does not require the purchaser to have a Pay Pal account in order to make an online purchase.  Any Credit or Debit cardholder can make use of the Pay Pal services to make a purchase online.  However, if you do want to bypass the Pay Pal system and purchase the book Meet Marvis Frazier directly from our publisher, Gopher Graphics, below is the information you’ll need.

                                                 Ordering Information for the book Meet Marvis Frazier

For Telephone ordering: Dial – 607 643 7212

For Postal Ordering: Use a copy of this form and send a check or money order in US funds to:

Gopher Graphics

3883 State Hwy. 7

Otego, New York 13825






Zip or Postal Code_____________________


E-mail address:

(not required, but helpful)_________________________________________________



                                                                     Book Price: $24.95

                                                   Shipping and Handling: + 7.05 

                                                                        Total Cost: $32.00

NYS orders: + $2.00 Sales Tax  =  $34.00 Total

International orders (including Canada), additional  $13.00  S&H  =  $45.00 Total


Book Autographed by Marvis Frazier + $10.00

Book Autographed by Jamie Potter + $ 7.00

Book Autographed by Both +$15.00

Contact us at: or

Thank you.   Marvis and I hope to hear from you!     Jamie

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