Is Boxing the Most Physically Demanding Sport?

When I was growing up in a small town in upstate New York, most of the boys in my group of friends played a number of different sports, but there was this one guy who outdid us all.  “Keith”, who was a real good athlete, played all the usual sports like baseball, football, basketball, along with soccer, wrestling, and ice hockey.  Keith, however, was the only guy in our group who also participated in amateur boxing.  Very impressive, especially considering that Keith had to travel to the nearest city to be a boxer.  Another thing that impressed me about it was when Keith told me that of all the sports he ever tried (see above list), boxing was by far the most strenuous.

I had to think about that for a while.  After all, I had played most of the other sports in Keith’s sports resume and some of them were quite taxing.  All the boxing I had ever done was the back yard version; you know the kind where two guys lace on gloves somebody got for Christmas and start wildly swinging at each other until the bigger guy finally knocks the other guy senseless and then the next two guys in line take their turns.  But I had wrestled and those wrestling practices were grueling, especially if you had to make weight and the temperature was turned way up in the practice room.  How about those double practice sessions at the beginning of football season?  Although once you were in shape and started hitting, that’s when the fun began.  Basketball: now there’s a “non-contact” sport that can really take it out of ya’.  Up and down, up and down, up and down the court, hustle, hustle, hustle.  If you’re covering on defense you have to hustle in basketball.  Not too bad on the bench though.  Soccer is a running game and that soccer field is a big one, but you do have ten other players to pass off to or help you play defense, so…  Ice hockey?  Sorry, sheer joy for me.  Finally, baseball.  There’s nothing more fun than taking batting practice in baseball and fielding practice ain’t bad either.

I guess “Keith” was probably right about Boxing being the most physically demanding of the traditional American sports.  I suppose it has to do with the whole business of punching and being punched.  I only wish I knew a real boxer who I could ask about it {Marvis Frazier}, you know, someone who played a lot of other sports, too {Marvis Frazier}… “jah well” (as the Amish used to say).

Hey, did I say that I used to be a bowler?  Talk about your physically demanding sports!

Until next time,     Jamie

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2 Responses to Is Boxing the Most Physically Demanding Sport?

  1. Keith Day says:

    After I played the sports you mentioned, I ran a few marathons and did several triathlons, but that 6 minutes, (or less) of boxing was still the most exhausting. I think at least for me it was the adrenaline flow that led to the fatigue. I cannot imagine going 15 rounds.


    • jamie says:

      That Keith, always the comedian too. Hey Keith, when are you, Marvis Frazier, Bo Jackson, and Jim Thorpe going to get together and decide who really is the best? Seriously though, what great friends all of Keith’s family have been to my family over the years. Thanks Keith! Jamie

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