Facing Up to Facebook

People have said that Marvis and I both act younger than we are.  However, we’re old fogies when it comes to computers.  Keep in mind: we are old enough to remember the excitement of watching Saturday morning cartoons (and I’m talking old cartoons, like Huckleberry Hound and Deputy Dog) on the fancy, “new” color TV, we both used to watch our school football films using a projector and a screen, and when we first rented videos in our 20’s, we took the video machine home too.  So when personal computers came along it was a giant technological leap for us both.  Not that we each didn’t see the benefits of computers; Marvis recognized their advantages in the operation of a business and welcomed the use of computers to help with office work at his father’s gym.  I saw how much the internet accommodated doing research and the word processor facilitated writing, so I too incorporated computers into my daily activities.

I guess the part of the information age that we have been slow to adopt is the social network aspect.  Sure, we have this website.  We need a presence on the web and a website is like a home, almost like a piece of property.  From this “home” on the web we can get the message out about Marvis and his book to those searching the internet.  We can use posts on our blog (like this one!) to keep people informed about the book and eventually set up a page to sell it once it becomes available (can anyone say 98 days?).  But that ought to do it, a website is all we need.

Fortunately for us, our good friend Reggie Bullock (who wrote the foreword to the book) went through the same thought pattern we did about the social network aspect of the information age and survived to tell about it.  “I know just what you are thinking”,  I remember him saying to me not long ago, “but my daughter convinced me that I had to get on Facebook to help publicize my film making and radio show, and it became the best promotional thing I ever did – you and Marvis need it too”  Strong advice from a man whose opinion we don’t take lightly.

So, Marvis and I mulled it over.  Marvis and I talked it over.  And Marvis and I turned it over – a new leaf that is, Marvis and I turned over a new leaf, bit the bullet, swallowed our pride, threw caution to the wind, and got Meet Marvis Frazier on Facebook!  Surprise: five days in and it’s fun, and it’s exciting, and it’s working.  Thank you Reggie Bullock for convincing us.  Thank you Sadie for helping us (you didn’t think we could do it ourselves, did you?).  And thank you all for going to Meet Marvis Frazier/facebook and “liking” us.  To get there could hardly be easier, here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/meetmarvisfrazier.  Or you can just Google: Meet Marvis Frazier/facebook.

Now, about that Twitter thing…                                                       Until next time,      Jamie

PS.  There are a couple of “Marvis Frazier” Facebook pages out there besides ours, but only the Meet Marvis Frazier Facebook page is authorized by “the Man” (Marvis).

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