Amazon Meets Marvis Frazier

There is a new buying option for the book, Meet Marvis Frazier: The Story of the Son of Smokin’ Joe.  After being available exclusively through this website since it was released just over a month ago, the necessary arrangements have been made for Marvis’s book to also be purchased through Amazon.  The price is the same (cheap!), but Amazon does offer some shipping options and might be an easier way to buy the book for those who have an existing Amazon account.  Either way, go to Amazon, enter Meet Marvis Frazier on the search line, and check out the cool Amazon product page for “the best new sports biography on the market” (my mother’s unbiased opinion).  Oh, and if you don’t mind, spread the word!  Maybe we can get Meet Marvis Frazier on the Amazon best sellers list!     Thank you,    Jamie

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