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  •  What if you became a boxer but your every accomplishment was measured against those of your father?
  •  What if, to continue your career, you had to overcome an injury that could leave you paralyzed for life?
  •   What if, to keep your dreams of a championship alive, you had to face an undefeated Mike Tyson in the ring?

MEET MARVIS FRAZIER, the son of heavyweight boxing champion Smokin’ Joe Frazier. He dreamed of following in the footsteps of his famous father. He dreamed of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. He dreamed of becoming the heavyweight champion of the world. He had a path all laid out for his life, but God had a different plan for Marvis Frazier.

Jamie Potter and Marvis Frazier met in the summer of 2009, as the result of an amazing series of events, and began working on this book a few months later. Over a three year period, the two became great friends while logging in hundreds of hours of interviews, pouring through piles of records, and meticulously studying recordings of Marvis’s fights. Together they skillfully crafted this candid story of Marvis Frazier’s interesting and inspiring life.

This book is your opportunity to meet a man who faced adversity in life, got knocked down, yet got back up to fight on. You are going to like the man you meet, and his story is guaranteed to touch your heart.

Marvis Frazier’s Book is Now Available!

Announcing the release of the book about his interesting and inspiring life.

The book covers his own amazing boxing career, many of the experiences growing up as the son of Smokin’ Joe, the triumphs and tragedies in his life outside boxing, and how God has gotten him through it all.


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59 Responses to Meet Marvis Frazier

  1. Beth says:

    This looks great!! Can’t wait for the book. :-)

  2. ATTORNEY RON G says:


  3. jordan says:

    finally came and looked uncle jamie, it looks good! :)

  4. Tom says:

    I’m looking forward to the book. Keep up the great work!

  5. JP says:

    Looks great! Keep up the great work dad!

  6. DJ says:

    Looks good! I’d love to see more of the many words of wisdom that Marvis has passed on to his friends that were taught to him by ‘Smokin’ Joe’.

    • jamie says:

      As the kids used to say at the end of their book reports on Reading Rainbow, if you want to see those – you’ll have to read the book (in only 536 more days)! But seriously DJ, there will many more features added to this site as we go forward, including those many words of wisdom from Marvis. Thanks for commenting, Bro.

  7. The best to you, in your writing pursuit. I know it was done from your heart, and will be phenomenal because of it! I look forward to reading it……………JoAnn

    • jamie says:

      Thanks, JoAnn. I know you can relate because of your musical pursuits. Oh, and did I tell you that we will have a special price on the book for musicians?

  8. John Hill says:

    I think it was Marvis who had the 75 and 4 record because as far as I know…Jamie is 1 and 0. He beat up Dave Bouley when Dave ripped the baseball box scores out of Jamie’s hands in the locker room at football practice. Can’t wait to get the book and critique George’s medical comments. All the best, Jamie. Hope to see you soon.

    • jamie says:

      Don’t forget all the backyard matches we had years ago. I don’t know for sure who won or lost but I do remember the one where you hit me in the mouth with the back of your head! I still have the scar. Did your hair ever grow back where the chunk came out? Nice to hear from you, John. I’d like see what George and Dave have to say about these comments.

    • DJ says:

      I’m gonna assume that Marvis has the 75 and 4 record, since you can see from the pic that Marvis has more muscles on his jaw than Jamie has on his whole upper body.

  9. elb says:

    Let’s hope that the next big flood in your area will be one of book sales!

    • jamie says:

      That would certainly change the course of something – and it wouldn’t be a river!
      Thanks for the comment EL. Your buddy, Jamie

  10. Sadie says:

    The website’s great, Daddy. Love you.

  11. Jack says:

    Recording sounds good!

  12. Steve Eichler says:

    Gonna buy the book, a box of peaches and 2 scoops of Jamocha Almond Fudge! Have a great winter!

  13. I remember it was 1996 and you came to visit MCI Shirley with the Starting Line group. I will never forget the time you put in with the guys Marvis, and your words didi not go unheeded. Today I serve Jesus and I am crime free.
    Thank you for giving yourself Marvis. My prayer is that God will give you every desire of your heart. Peace and MUCH LOVE to you Marvis

  14. Arvie A Green says:

    As part of the great Frazier legacy , I have seen you box , as many of us have seen your magnificent father , Joe. I hope your book reflects what your father and your own legacy is about.
    As for your father Joe , I think in his last years he didn’t know how truly loved he was by those whom really understood the history of boxing.
    Joe Frazier was a true friend to Muhammad Ali and supported Ali in word and deed even before their monumental battles . But Ali was betrayed by those they knew better , and betrayed Joe’s trust to promote their own agenda – by way of personal attacks said to promote the upcoming fight.
    Many of us saw through this. We were able to see Ali as a person that superseded the sport and stood for an America that did not believe in its own values . And for Joe Frazier as the real “Rocky” – a person that emerged from the most humble of American , and even as an American icon , was not appreciated even in his own hometown.
    It was this that Ali recognized in his last fight with Frazier . He recognized that they both were pawns of a sort. they had both been used .

    Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali will always be remembered as the best of what boxing personifies . They both stood for something in the sport that was not yet itself ready to recognize them as equal human beings in the American experience .

    If I could sit with Joe Frazier before his death , I would tell hem that Ali was more about how black America reflected on the American expedience – and this also encompassed Joe himself.
    But also that Joe Frazier was equally loved and respected in his own right. I don’t think Joe ever realized that . He never knew how much he was truly loved and admired . He never realized that Ali conceded this as well in his own way .

    As for you Marvis , most who truly understood were shocked and disgusted that your family was disrespected during the ” uncle tom ” era thrust on your father and family .
    We knew who Joe Frazier and family really were .

    • jamie says:

      Thank you for the comment, Arvie. Of course there can’t be a book about Marvis Frazier without significant material about his Dad, Joe (and not much can be said about Joe Frazier without mentioning Muhammad Ali). However, the book will mainly deal with the interesting and inspiring life of Marvis including details in his life experience that are not well known – details that also often shed light on the life and legacy of Smokin’ Joe (and might reveal a few things about Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson as well). Stay tuned, check out our weekly posts on the blog here on the website, and spread the word! Thanks again, Jamie

  15. Judy Pitel says:

    Was very interesting listening to you talk of your experiences with Marvis and how your meeting him came about. Has peaked my interest in learning more about the man and reading your book about him when it is done. You are to be commended, Jamie!

    • Jamie says:

      Thank you Judy. The time is coming quickly. We hope not to disappoint, though I’m sure you will be happy to “Meet Marvis Frazier”. Sincerely, Jamie

  16. Donavan says:

    I just watched the tv documentary “Facing Ali”. I admire
    Ali and was especially pleased to listen
    Joe Frazier speak of the fight in 1971. It was sas news
    when i hears of his passing. My dad
    Was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2011 and has his lung removed shortly after. He is still in a hospital.

    I got quite emotional when i viewed the picture of Joe hugging Marvis in the Frazier corner. I am somewhat able to understand that bond of father and son in sport. I
    coached my son in hockey for several years and i had high
    Demands and expectations on him. I wanted him to do what i couldnt do which was to play professional hockey. I have now accepted him for who he is. He didnt
    Make it to the big leagues but looking back we had alot of fun. I will always cherish my time with my children even though i was a over demanding parent. I
    Have become very liberal now in my age (47).

    Again, i want to say that your father joe was one of the best There is no
    Such thing as the greatest as Ali proclaimed. There is
    Always someone better and stronger my
    Dad always said. In 1971 your das beat he greatest ! God Bless keep up the work serving the lord.

    • Jamie says:

      Thank you Donavan for that wonderful and insightful comment. When I first saw the interview of Marvis in the documentary Thrilla in Manila where he talks about his dad embracing him in the ring after his loss to Larry Holmes, I was brought to tears. I can also relate to the part of your comment about coaching your son in ice hockey as I too coached my son in that great sport (I am trying to get Marvis to give ice hockey a shot but no go so far). Thanks again and I hope everything goes for the best with your father. Jamie Potter

  17. Please Marvis get in touch with me ASAP, we want to do a feature on you on Mexican TV — luv you, Polly

  18. Taimour says:

    Will the book be available for purchase in the uk? Can’t wait!

    • jamie says:

      Yes Taimour, we will make sure that the book is available all over the world (mostly) one way or another. Thank you for inquiring and maybe you will be able to buy the book from Marvis in person on one of our book tours. Sincerely, Jamie Potter

  19. Mr Kumar - South Africa says:

    Joe Frazier was the most outstanding athlete in sporting history. He was the most committed and dedicated boxer ever. Marvis Frazier is a special human being, from a special family! I am trying reach Marvis Frazier, and would like him to contact me urgently on this email address, in view with launching a formal tribute to the Great Smokin Joe Frazier from his fans in Africa. This project should be launched around the first week of December 2012.
    God Bless!

    • jamie says:

      Thank you so much Mr. Kumar for those generous compliments! I will pass them on to Marvis and get back to you soon with his reactions. Yours, Jamie Potter

  20. Chandresh Malde says:

    Dear Marvis,
    I just saw the documentary “Joe Frazier: When the smoke clears”. It was very deep, and beautiful. Your father was a great boxer, and in my opinion, had the purest warriors heart – even when hurt he just got up. Everyone should be proud of Joe Frazier, and I know he must have been proud of you as a good son. Anyone in the world who loves sports needs a bit of you father heart, and then they will go far.
    Thank you and Joe.

    • jamie says:

      Hello Chandresh, This is Jamie responding for Marvis. Thank you for your thoughtful comment about Joe Frazier. That documentary you mentioned does a nice job of telling about Joe and Marvis and their struggle to keep the gym operating. I just watched it again myself last week. I’m going to take a copy down to Marvis when I go to visit him later this week. I’ll be sure to show him your comment.
      Thanks, Jamie Potter

  21. Jo Anne Colbert says:

    Marvis…I understand that you will be at “Fancy Flamingo” next week. Can’t wait to meet you. This is just what Richmond needs. Let me be the first to welcome you to Richmond, Virginia. Until then, be safe in all you do and see you at the top.
    Jo Anne C-G (RVA)

  22. Stu Stewart says:

    Hey Marvis,Stu here ! Am wondering if you have the round wall clock I made for your dad years ago, that instead of the usual numbers on the front it said Joe Frazier!! Your dad sent me a nice letter back thanking me for the clock, and told me to send his book along for him to sign for me ,but I never got the chance !!!
    Good luck on your book, and always be a proud son of a great man!! Stu.

  23. Geoffrey Prenter says:

    Dear Mr. Marvis Frazier,
    I remember you career well, and I think you did really well. You did outstanding as an amateur (I watched your fight against Tony Tubbs), and as a pro, you beat many capable men including Steve Zouski, Guy Casale, James Broad, Joe Bugner, Quick Tillis, Bonecrusher Smith, Phillip Brown, etc. You were quick, aggressive, and threw great combinations. I vividly remember watching your fights against Casale, Bugner and Tillis.
    It sound like you’re doing great. I’m a long-time boxing fine, and it makes me feel pleased to know when ex–fighters are doing well like you are. I know that your’re a busy man, but I’d like to hear back from you.

    • Jamie says:

      Hello Geoffrey Prenter, Thank you so much for the comments about Marvis and his boxing career. Your knowledge about Marvis is definitely more thorough than the average boxing fan. Many people, even boxing fans don’t know just how good Marvis really was. That is actually one of the reasons I wanted to work with Marvis on the book about his life – to help set the record straight so to speak. Sorry if I sound a bit like a salesman when I say that you would probably enjoy the book. It has descriptions of all of the fights that you mention and many others. Anyways, thanks for writing and I’ll be sure to share your message with Marvis. Sincerely, Jamie Potter

  24. Matthew Fuller says:

    I am such a huge fan of Marvis and Joe Frazier. I loved watching the HBO documentaries on the Fight of the Century and Thrilla in Manilla. Through the turbulent times what was shown the most is the character, dedication, humility, patience and integrity of Joe and Marvis. What a great story! It is so inspiring!

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks, Matthew. I’ll make sure Marvis hears your nice comments about him and his father. Jamie
      PS. I love those documentaries too. Have you ever seen “When the Smoke Clears”?

      • Matthew Fuller says:

        No I haven’t but I would really like to. What is the best way to order/purchase it? (I’ve seen the HBO documentaries about 10x each :-)) ** Be sure to tell Marvis that he and Joe are my favorite boxers of all time. Their story is so inspiring and meaningful!

  25. David Walker says:

    I would like ot meet or talk to Marivs

    • Jamie says:

      Hi David, The best I can do for you at this point is for you to send e-mails to: . I answer them and read them to Marvis over the phone for his input/response. Otherwise, we do hope to tour the UK at some point in the future. Thanks and I hope to hear from you by e-mail. Jamie Potter

  26. Jerome C. Gladney says:

    Marvis : I never imagined You went through, with Ali (1st Ali/Frazier Fight) with children in school sayin you’re dad was an “Uncle Tom”, etc, and etc. What venom came from the mouth of Ali!!!!! I can understand you’re late dad’s sentiment towards him, and that after, He did all he could to help him, befriend him as a needy black brother, completely the opposite of what an “Uncle Tom” would do!!! Man, you’re dad left You a great legacy, and established yourself also in you’re craft (BOXING) as a great champion. I know You miss you’re father, be encouraged to walk in the steps God has laid out for You to walk in. I’ll always be a fan of the Frazier’s Marvis, And Joe……. God Bless….. J.C. Gladney

  27. Hi Marvis, i am an Australian Martial Arts instructor & have also been involved with kickboxing & boxing since 1987. One of the virtues we hold dear in our martail art is Humility. I cannot tell you how enraged & sorry i felt when i saw Ali (the most overrated human being that has ever lived) mock & disrespect your humble & hardworking father.
    I wish i had had the honour of meeting Joe – he is the real Champion.

    If Muhammad Ali was across the street from where i am now i wouldn’t bother crossing the road. He pissed & moaned about racism & then proceeded to racially taunt your father.
    Genuinely great human beings respect others & show empathy, like your father did.

    Sincerely Matt

  28. Anthony Freeman says:

    I hope this comment section doesn’t turn into an Ali bashing. Joe loved Ali and Ali loved Joe. Most people who didn’t live in that era wouldn’t understand the relationship between these two Greatest of warriors. Ali didn’t just bash Joe, he bashed all his opponents. Those criticisms were part of his hype machine, not the truth at all. Joe was such a fantastic person and a warrior down to his soul. I have met Joe and Marvis, to classy, wonderful human beings. Marvis is as humble as they come. Joe’s legacy is etched in stone. Marvis is a great son and representative of his Father. Joe would NEVER bash Ali to enhance himself. Neither should we. I look forward to this book. I wish Marvis and his family continued good luck.

    • jamie says:

      Hello Anthony, I agree with your hope, and as the secretary of sorts here on Marvis’s website I will try to not let that happen. As you will see in the book, from events that only he witnessed, Marvis truly believes that his father and Muhammad Ali embraced and forgave each other when they were older for things that happened between them during their fighting days. Thank you, Jamie Potter

  29. Dr. Marvin Trull says:

    Hello Mavis, I live in Varnville, Sc. Hope you can remember a long time ago when you and your Dad and brother were at the plantation on the old Sheldon road. You were white washing the fence out along the road when a car load of people stopped to say hello. Your dad made the comment that you two boys were normally black but you had painted each other with the white wash. He invited the group up to the house and invited them to lunch. There is a good bit more to this story but your dad gave each one an autographed picture. This was in 1974. If you remember this event or would like to hear as much as I know about it please let me know. Marvin

    • jamie says:

      Hello Dr. Trull, What a great story! It just shows what kind of a man Joe Frazier was – decent, thoughtful, down to earth, and funny! I will read your comment to Marvis the next time I talk to him and hopefully one of us will get back to you. In the meantime if you want to communicate with us more directly, just e-mail Marvis at: Thanks, Jamie Potter (co-author of “Meet Marvis Frazier”)

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