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  •  What if you became a boxer but your every accomplishment was measured against those of your father?
  •  What if, to continue your career, you had to overcome an injury that could leave you paralyzed for life?
  •   What if, to keep your dreams of a championship alive, you had to face an undefeated Mike Tyson in the ring?

MEET MARVIS FRAZIER, the son of heavyweight boxing champion Smokin’ Joe Frazier. He dreamed of following in the footsteps of his famous father. He dreamed of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. He dreamed of becoming the heavyweight champion of the world. He had a path all laid out for his life, but God had a different plan for Marvis Frazier.

Jamie Potter and Marvis Frazier met in the summer of 2009, as the result of an amazing series of events, and began working on this book a few months later. Over a three year period, the two became great friends while logging in hundreds of hours of interviews, pouring through piles of records, and meticulously studying recordings of Marvis’s fights. Together they skillfully crafted this candid story of Marvis Frazier’s interesting and inspiring life.

This book is your opportunity to meet a man who faced adversity in life, got knocked down, yet got back up to fight on. You are going to like the man you meet, and his story is guaranteed to touch your heart.

Marvis Frazier’s Book is Now Available!

Announcing the release of the book about his interesting and inspiring life.

The book covers his own amazing boxing career, many of the experiences growing up as the son of Smokin’ Joe, the triumphs and tragedies in his life outside boxing, and how God has gotten him through it all.


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61 Responses to Meet Marvis Frazier

  1. Brian d smith sr. says:

    Good luck god bless you

  2. Dr. Marvin Trull says:

    Hello Mavis, I live in Varnville, Sc. Hope you can remember a long time ago when you and your Dad and brother were at the plantation on the old Sheldon road. You were white washing the fence out along the road when a car load of people stopped to say hello. Your dad made the comment that you two boys were normally black but you had painted each other with the white wash. He invited the group up to the house and invited them to lunch. There is a good bit more to this story but your dad gave each one an autographed picture. This was in 1974. If you remember this event or would like to hear as much as I know about it please let me know. Marvin

    • jamie says:

      Hello Dr. Trull, What a great story! It just shows what kind of a man Joe Frazier was – decent, thoughtful, down to earth, and funny! I will read your comment to Marvis the next time I talk to him and hopefully one of us will get back to you. In the meantime if you want to communicate with us more directly, just e-mail Marvis at: Thanks, Jamie Potter (co-author of “Meet Marvis Frazier”)

  3. Anthony Freeman says:

    I hope this comment section doesn’t turn into an Ali bashing. Joe loved Ali and Ali loved Joe. Most people who didn’t live in that era wouldn’t understand the relationship between these two Greatest of warriors. Ali didn’t just bash Joe, he bashed all his opponents. Those criticisms were part of his hype machine, not the truth at all. Joe was such a fantastic person and a warrior down to his soul. I have met Joe and Marvis, to classy, wonderful human beings. Marvis is as humble as they come. Joe’s legacy is etched in stone. Marvis is a great son and representative of his Father. Joe would NEVER bash Ali to enhance himself. Neither should we. I look forward to this book. I wish Marvis and his family continued good luck.

    • jamie says:

      Hello Anthony, I agree with your hope, and as the secretary of sorts here on Marvis’s website I will try to not let that happen. As you will see in the book, from events that only he witnessed, Marvis truly believes that his father and Muhammad Ali embraced and forgave each other when they were older for things that happened between them during their fighting days. Thank you, Jamie Potter

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